4.48 Psychosis written by Sarah Kane

Directed by Samuel Miller

Set Designed by Faye Bradley


"This delicate production proved itself to be well thought out in a number of aspects: from the subtle frame of the set, designed by Faye Bradley, that created a voyeuristic feel to this brutal portrayal of a depression and insanity so acknowledged and bitter that it almost seems sane; to the creepily quiet music that tinkled in the background of beautifully performed monologues, genius bits of lighting when the medication kicks in and the props that were painted to fade almost as quickly as they appear.."

---- Heather Deacon for OneStopArts.com

"Entering the space I was struck by the beauty of the set, it seems as if a lot of time and money has gone into it- for a fringe piece anyway. It was very clean, precise, and really thought out. Lots of wooden boxes, some filled with generic household items all painted with a kind of army green. There are also cabinets filled with pill containers, which were lit very well. There is an actor on stage hiding behind a wooden box and other actors inside wooden boxes. Faye Bradley and James Smith captivated me with their designs instantly, and their choices really fit the clinical feel of the piece."

---- Rocky Rodriguez, Jr for WhatsOnTheFringe.com