The Anorak written by Adam Kelly Morton

Directed by Matthew Gould
Designed by Faye Bradley


"The stage is decorated with only an angle-poise lamp and an oddly shaped structure that serves as an intriguing and subtly evolving all-in-one set that feels as if it morphs into buildings, steps, seating and maybe even a memorial or tomb....

...... Faye Bradley's set design allows the killer to scrawl highlighted thoughts, ideas and diagrams all around him."

---- Lauren Giesler - Camden Review


"The set was made up of a cluster of blocks of different heights, and there was one that was tall, as if it was a tower rising up from the rest. There is a description of the tower at the Ecole Polytechnique in the script - as if the set represents the university campus, the shape and structure of it looming behind Felix Brunger as a backdrop to his story and a constant reminder of where he is taking us, lest we feel too sorry for him.."

---- Abi Symons -


"The stark set - pretty much all black - was cleverly transformed throughout the show, as the maniacal protagonist scribbled down in chalk certain important diagrams, numbers or phrases that cropped up. This drew the piece away from simply one man's life-story, and instead gave the impression that we were witnessing an eerie and haphazard university lecture - somewhat appropriate given the setting of the massacre."