Oedipus Retold written by Jeremy Kingston

Directed by Robert Gillespie

Designed by Faye Bradley


"The set is incredibly well-employed, but the wall of white dramatic masks backlit with white LEDs really stole the show, not only providing dramatic mood lighting and an impactful visual, but also as a visual special effect as the all-seeing eyes of the fates and a dramatically timed lightning strike. Perfectly simple and effective, the set was pleasantly necessary and visually stunning."

---- Phoebe Person - www.theupcoming.co.uk

"The link to the Athenian original is reinforced by Faye Bradley's excellent design that lines the back of the stage with eerily-lit blank, staring face masks - the mute citizenry of Thebes.

---- Greg Jameson - www.entertainment-focus.com

"In Faye Bradley's starkley effective design - a wall of illuminated masks and a blasted blood red tree - Oedipus wears a rumpled suit and Jocasta a scarlet cocktail dress."

---- Sam Marlowe The Times