Xerxes - opera composed by George Frideric Handel

Directed by Jenny Miller

Designed by Faye Bradley


"Handel himself admitted that there was very little historical substance in Xerxes. What we saw was a screwball romantic comedy disguised as an opera seria. Director Jenny Miller updated it wholesale to a Miami Vice-style 1980s nightclub; the plastic palm trees, sunglasses and pink neon of Faye Bradley’s designs provided the delicious sensation of watching a baroque drama played out on the set of a Duran Duran video."

---- Richard Bratby Birmingham Post


" I felt designer Faye Bradley had captured brilliantly the sort of sets found in 1930s musicals. - The black and white costumes tended to show more than they concealed as far as the ladies were concerned but perhaps I am being prudish, since virtually all the main characters unbosom themselves emotionally in this opera."

---- Roger Jones - SeenandHeard-International.com