The Yalta Game written by Brian Friel

Directed by Timothy J Howe

Designed by Faye Bradley


"This week we were presented with Timothy Howe’s interpretation of Friel’s masterpiece, The Yalta Game and again we were not disappointed. Perhaps the best thing about the production this week was Faye Bradley’s striking set design. She beautifully captures the essence and very being of the play along with arguably the main theme of playing, more specifically the playing out of roles. Any designer working on The Yalta Game is faced with the challenge of showing the audience that this play is about theatre and the performances that we as a society engage in. The actors create the set around them, which can be manipulated to suit the time and place of the story. Bradley demonstrates her knowledge and intelligence through her design and this is a real asset to the production."

----- Eleanor Skinner for Full Theatre Company

"There is much to like about this production. Faye Bradley has created a wonderfully whimsical set that, like the imagination, can be built, manipulated and even, Charlie Kauffman like, be erased."

----- Shane Morgan for